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Hello! I am jesús gardí


I am a computer IT, graduated in 2004 (I know it was long time ago ;) ). I have specialized in everything related to hardware: assembly, repair and maintenance. Before finishing my studies I already had my own computer store, I was selling computers and printers, GPS's and many other electronic devices.

In 1995 I learned to use CorelDraw® in version 5 which worked in Windows® 3.1.1 if I remember correctly. I also learned how to use PageMaker®, Flowchart® and many other vector and image design programs that were used at the time. Then with the arrival and improvement of different versions of Windows® and Apple® I started using Adobe® Photoshop®, DreamWeaver, Macromedia® Freehand® and then to create animations by the hand of Macromedia® Flash® and I'm still learning ;)




Javascript, Angular


Services I offer

Web Design

I create web designs from zero based on your business idea, your preferences and career, I never use templates.


All my designs are 100% responsive. I use all current tools (.css, .js, .php, Ajax, BootStrap) to create my works.

Clean Code

All my designs comply with Google regulations to make them understandable by search engines and SEO techniques.


I'm not a professional photograper, but I really like it and I love immortalizing moments. This is another passion!

Do you have an interesting project?

If so let me know what you do and what you have in mind, I will take care of it, and make your idea comes true. For a reazon I am an idEAS's CREator..

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My Last Project

The Umaed website is finally finished and running at 100%. It took me a couple of weeks to get it to meet all the expectations that we had raised, but the result is impeccable. We are very happy with the final result.

Live preview...

Red Restaurant

At the beginning of February I finished this website designed for an elegant restaurant and with certain functionalities active as is the case of online booking and with active social media so that your customers can contact you by any of these ways.

Live preview...

Animated Text with SVG

Have I ever told you that I love graphic design and animation? I think so. Well, here I leave a rather simple and at the same time very nice animation that allows you to make a text in movement using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Live preview...

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